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1928 R.Lalique Opalescent gigantic glass nude mermaid clock

Opalescent gigantic glass table clock. Of almost square form, the deep blue opalescent glass moulded in relief with six beautiful nude mermaids swimming and cavorting around in abandon in the milky blue sea, with trails of bubbles emanating from their sensual bodies. The frosted glass faced rarest Leon Hatot ATO Parisian brass original timepiece with black enamelled numerals and black steel hands and domed glass cover is centrally placed. The nickel plated brass back cover is intact and complete with the ATO circular clock mechanism inspection cover. Moulded R.Lalique plus engraved France plus stencilled R. Lalique, France under the base. Pictured in Felix Marcilhac page 372, number 729. It was retailed on 10th April 1928 for a gigantic price then of 2500 French Francs. (note - An opalescent Vitesse nude mascot in 1929 was priced at just 325 FF.)

This beautiful and monumental clock is the finest and largest decorative clock ever produced by René Lalique ever made from opalescent glass. It was created by him on 10th April 1928, and made in frosted and opalescent glass. This clock is the premier and costlier version made at the time, with deepest blue /amber/creamy white opalescence. It is an extremely rare and a highly important find. A true ‘Work Of Art’ and Rene Lalique supreme masterpiece.

First Introduced : 10th April 1928    Catalogue No. : 729

Dimensions : 280mm high, 280mm wide, 75mm deep.

Condition : Absolutely outstanding and in totally original condition. The opalescence is especially deep and rich, and a good blue/amber centre brings the piece alive.

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